A *.wbfs file usually contains only one Wii game, however, this format can support multiple Wii games in one file. The Wii game ISO file comes from the Wii physics game disc, it always has the 4.37G capacity, this format can not be opened directly on the computer, you must burn it to disc, then you can play these games on your Wii machine.
This is part 1 of a full set of Wii games in a format called NKit. All of the games are verified to match the hashes in Redump (a disc preservation project) and can be restored to a 1:1 full ISO. The collection is up-to-date as of February 2020. The NKit format is newer and has advantages that aren't present in other formats, such as ISO or WBFS.
WIP!! NKit documentation is WIP. It will be added to as people ask questions and raise issues... Overview. NKit is a Nintendo ToolKit that can Recover and Preserve Wii and GameCube disc images . Recovery is the ability to rebuild source images to match the known good images verified by Redump . Preserve is the ability to shrink any image and convert it back to the source ISO
ISO and WBFS formats are FAR superior for anyone looking for these games to play on a real Wii because it is IMPOSSIBLE to play NKit Wii games on a real Wii. It's fine as an archival format or for playing with Dolphin, but don't lie and say it's better for real Wiis. 36,079 Views