Domain group containing all SCCM Admins Group. Require Local Admin rights for all SCCM Servers and Client Computers. Requires Local Administrators right on all SCCM Servers. Now Add Site Server and Administrators account to Local Administrator accounts.
Also, domain admin accounts usually have access to many other Windows resources within the Active Directory domain. For these reasons and more, the least privilege account approach should always Test and add the service account to the OS Deployment task sequences steps for MDT or SCCM.
Sep 30, 2019 · Windows Setup uses the Task sequence domain join account to join a newly imaged computer to a domain, the specific user account requires the Domain Join right in the target domain Note: Don’t grant interactive sign-in rights or domain admin rights to this account and avoid account lockouts create service account
SCCM operating system deployment is not integrated into Active Directory like WDS. SCCM is only aware of the computer names and objects available in the SCCM database. In a traditional environment there would be steps in the Task Sequence that name the computer based upon a standardized...